In Memory...


Dear Thea,

Dearest Thea,

Her life with me began on Dec. 23, 1999 and our life together ended on Jan. 31, 2016.
She live on in memory and spirit.

As time moves further away from the time you passed, I continue to grieve the absence of your companionship. Life calls as usual to continue with the business of living, but your memories are forever preserved. I recall those times that bring smiles to my face and warmed my heart. I understand your purpose in my life with more clarity, as I learn to fill the hole of what once was. I still have Lexi (my other cat) by my side and she too misses the only kitty friend she knew.

I come to remember all the times over the past 16 yrs. you were always there watching over me. Every night I loaded up my supplies and put on the layers of clothing to go to the barn. There you were to see me off. Each time you watched me leave. Each time you sat on the chair by the door till I returned. Oh, how I miss you being there. I remember how each night you came to sleep by my side in my bed. As I watched TV till I dozed off, you too would glare at the TV, as if you were enjoying the show as much as I was. When I was sick or sad or unsure of what life was to bring next, there you were by my side. My guardian angel, comforting me with your loyalty and steadfast love. You graced your love upon many other's thru our life together. Giving your personality with playfulness and your quiet but cute frolics. The ever famous poses of character you offered to bring joy and laughter to my world. Stretched out and positioned as if you were a wire sculpture that was shaped for the mere purpose of laughter. There you were through each move, each life transition, loss, celebration and holiday. I will never forget how you would look into my eyes as if I was the most adoring being ever in your life now and forever. As a baby looks into the eyes of it's loving mother, I felt your love for me each moment we glanced at one another. It was the last memory I had of you, as you quietly slipped away to a place where you can live young again!
Each time I remove a remembrance that you were here, my heart sinks and longs to see you again. Your bowl still sits where it always has. Each time I clean the litter pan, I am reminded you are no longer here with us. But thru pictures and memory you live on in my heart, never to be without the gratitude of how from that moment I found you in the pet store, you had already won my affection, and would for years to come.
I hope that I was more than enough for you. I hope that I gave all you needed more times than not. I hope that you forgive me for all the mistakes I made. For all the times I pushed you away from the busyness of time, when you wanted nothing but my warm lap to lay on. I hope you forgive me for my impatience at you, during times of stress and worry. I hope that you forgive me for any thoughts that did not serve your best interest and were merely thoughts of relief for my own self interest and financial worries. I hope that I was there for you more times than not. I hope that in your last days and hours I showed you as much love, devotion and loyalty that you offered to me all these years. I hope that wherever I lacked in your care and giving love, you now receive all of that and more in this place over the Rainbow Bridge.

With all my most sincere love,
your dearest friend and companion

Love, Diana

P.S. Many wholehearted thanks to Dr. Nicole Grub and her assistant(s) on the day of Thea's passing. They offered the most sincere care and empathy in a difficult time. I received everything I needed to make the most strenuous decisions. The entire process from the assessment's, to the decision to let her go, to the moment's we said our goodbye's, the last moment of her last breath, to carrying her body and her paw print back to the car. They were nothing but professional and kind hearted.
I am not a fan of conventional Vet's that I often perceive to be, cold and callous with what seems that they lack the sensitivity demeanor chip, which is either turned off or completely missing, and all too often severely lacking in a bedside manner.
I have to say that was not the case on this day. I was pleasantly surprised to find nothing but the exact opposite from the moment Thea and I walked thru the door. I would highly recommend anyone to visit this AEC/Rochester Hills, in any time of emergency and need. They very graciously addressed each need and concern I had and any needs I had for Thea. My options were clearly laid out and financial concerns (and options!) were honestly and forthrightly addressed. The whole process offered nothing but a pleasant experience during a very difficult time. I am left with nothing but pleasant memories of the entire time I was there. My sincere gratitude to everyone who helped me say goodbye to my beloved Thea. In addition, I want to thank you for the grief card.

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