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Furever in Our Hearts ??????

Butters the Beagle Mix was born in August of 2004, and I rescued him from a shelter in Oxford in November of the same year. He completed my Dog Trio and was the youngest of his two brothers, Cooper and Eddie, two other Rescue Dogs. Butters was an absolute sweetheart, and loved to chase his brothers around. He had the softest ears and cutest little wiggle butt. In October of 2005, he started acting lethargic, and not eating (Butters was the most food motivate dog I have ever seen, so this was VERY odd)! I took him to two different vet clinics, who both told me he had a form of Cancer, and likely wouldn't make it through the week and suggested I put him down. I refused to believe my year old dog was ready to go, and spoke
with a friend who told me about her Vet and I decided to give it a shot and it's the BEST decision I ever made. They CORRECTLY diagnosed little Butters with Addison's Disease, which is treatable with Percorten Injections (monthly) and Prednisone (steroids, taken daily). Butters was back to himself soon after and continued to live out his days as a happy, mischievous, lovable, always hungry Beagle.
On March 15, 2016, my husband, son and I came home to find Butters lying lifeless on the floor. My husband dropped to his knees to administer CPR with no response. My heart was breaking as I grabbed Butters and sped to the lAnimal Emergency Center" in Novi, where they also tried CPR, but it was too late ????. The wonderful staff let us say our Goodbyes to Butters in a private room, and we decided to have him cremated and return his ashes to us, along with a clay Pawprint from Butters. It was the saddest day of my entire life and we are all still grief stricken over it. Butters lived to be almost 12, which defeated all the odds he was given due to him having Addison's (I was told he would live maybe 5-8 years). I still can't help but wonder what would have happened if we had been home. Everyone keeps telling me that it was "his time".. And I'm trying to accept that, but the guilt I feel is all consuming. He was fine when we left.. Showing no signs of being ill or sick.. Butters was loved beyond words can express, and his death has left and emptiness in our hearts, and my surviving dogs are still looking for him, and I keep expecting to see him round the corner, coming for some snuggles and hugs.
We love you sweet baby Butters. We always have and we always will, and I can't wait to see you when I cross the Rainbow Bridge, and can hug you once again. Rest in Peace, my little wiggle wagger. You will always be loved and missed. Xoxoxox ????????????????????????

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